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July 9, 2011
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Breathers by TheWuzzy Breathers by TheWuzzy
Young Dracula was quite frankly one of the best shows i've ever seen on tv in general, let alone CBBC. WHY they cancelled it will NEVER FAIL to frustrate, irritate and ellude me, though it was for children it was hilariously witty, intelligent, full of fantasticly developed characters, and we all loved it, so WHY? D:
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I loved young dracula too. they're brought it back but now Vlad's a vampire nd the whole plot line sucks. (also: no Robin)
Praise the lord, then, there is a series 3 and a series 4 coming in October! :) Go Vlllladdd ;) Bless him, he was sooo cute in series 1-2. What an adorable Welsh accent! I'd swap MY little brother for young vlad anyday. Having said that, I wouldn't want 17yr old Vlad as my bro if you catch my drift... ;) Anyway, nice pic :)
Season three is now airing every monday!!!!!!!!!! YAY XD
PoisonEveele Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
There's been news that there will be a season three XD

I've decided that I might hold a competition in celebration.....

.....But in the meantime let's make loads of Young Dracula fan art of any kind!!!!!

I call out to you fellow Young Dracula fans, let's celebrate this wonderful news!!!!!
I just got told this! I'm so happy! :D :D Yeah, we should have a convention or something and have a party! I'll enter your competition too :P
um, you do know they have now decied to make a 3rd season, its in production at liverpool =3
it takes place years later bec. they are now older - heres a link - [link]
and BBCs announcment - [link]

By popular demand Young Dracula is swooping back to CBBC. We pick up the story four years on and Vlad and the Count have fled from Stokely. Pursued by slayers and radical vampires alike, The Count and Vlad keep a low profile and "hide in plain sight" by buying a school. The Count is determined that Vlad fulfils his destiny to lead the vampire race, but this is threatened by The Count's own tendency to create mayhem and disaster on a daily basis and by the re-emergence of the anarchic Ingrid, who brings a trail of destruction in her wake.

An irreverent, gothic comedy, Young Dracula shines a mischievous light on family relationships and what it is to be a teenager trying to make his way in the world. The third 13x30 minute series will be filmed around Liverpool and promises some exciting new characters as well as the return of familiar favourites. The series is produced by Lis Steele and executive produced by Josephine Ward.
OMIGOSH! Omigosh! I'M SO HAPPY! I actually LOVE you for telling me this! :D Thank you you've MADE MY DAY! If Renfields still in it I'll be over the moon!
yea all the main cast like Renfield, Dracula, Vlad and Ingrid are the same cast =D the only one who seems to be not returning is Robin >_< but he does have his own show as a vampire in Becoming Human X3 so at least we get to see him somewhere =3

also the air start time that people are expecting season3 should be either sometime in september or what many have said is in October at Halloween ^^
but not sure yet on the date
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